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Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) is a platform for students with a pro-active stance on sustainability. WEP aims to motivate and inspire students to ‘green’ their behaviour and lifestyle and does so by organizing events like excursions and lectures and by promoting local initiatives.

WEP is a platform, meaning that it aspires to be an interactive organization where enthusiastic students can play an active role in setting up projects and activities. Students with fresh ideas can knock on our door when looking for support in terms of promotion, helping hands, financial support or just to brainstorm. WEP aims to connect sustainably minded people and encourages them to set up projects in independent working groups. Therefore, you can always drop by at our office!

WEP is managed by a part-time student board, which is being replaced by a new board each summer. The current board, of academic year 2020-2021 is a sustainably committed international mix with Yannik, Chantal, Cait, Costanza, Lara and Niharika.

Hey there! I’m Yannik, the new chair of WEP. Next to my master’s in Urban Environmental Management, I also like to read a whole lot and tackle long biking and hiking tours across several countries instead of flying. I strongly believe that environmental problems are a structural issue which cannot be solved by individual consumption choices alone. Nevertheless, we gotta practice what we preach, and that is what WEP is about: To help pro-active students live a more sustainable life and show everyone how easy and fun this can be!

Hi everyone! My name is Chantal and I am the new secretary for WEP. I am a Nutrition and Health master student. For WEP things will change this year because we are going to focus more on strengthening our connections with other sustainability organizations in Wageningen! My vision is that together we can establish change by inspiring others with all the positive vibes sustainability brings, like getting creative with food. I believe that WEP is a great organization to spread awareness and create a community that works together on dealing with environmental issues.

Hey everyone!! I’m niharika I will be the treasurer for the next wep board year. I study the bachelors of food technology. I joined the wep because I strongly believe even a drop in the ocean can make a big difference. For my part I strictly avoid the use of single use plastic to try to do my bit for the environment. Hope to see you all soon after this corona crisis.stay safe!!🥰❤️

Hello y’all! I am Costanza and I am the new promotion manager. I am in charge of social media management, I create content and my role is to reach out to as many people as possible throughout our platforms. I am at the second year of MSc Environmental Sciences and currently doing my thesis in Environmental Economics! I firmly believe that, in order to build a sustainable society, it is essential to mutually share our knowledge and expertise and to help and support each other! And this is why I am here at WEP! 🌲

Hello everyone! I am Cait and I will be the new service manager of WEP. I am responsible for the secondhand bookstore, PMD bag service, and clothing corner. I am currently studying the bachelor Landschapsarchitectuur & Ruimtelijke Planning. I am looking forward to being part of an organisation that handles the topic sustainability in a very approachable and creative way. Also the collaboration with other organisations in Wageningen is going to be very interesting and fun. I hope to get inspired and inspire others.

Hi everyone! My name is Lara, I am 22 years old and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I am the Green Active Network (GAN-) coordinator, responsible for connecting the different GAN organizations with each other in order to improve collaboration among these organizations. I am a master student of Urban Environmental Management. Besides studying sustainable topics, I enjoy hiking, puzzling books and about everything that has to do with animals.
The reason I applied was because the pro-active character of WEP really spoke to me. Organizations like these make me happy, because it gives you the feeling you can actually do something good! I am really curious and enthusiastic about starting my board year, and look forward to help putting sustainability into practice for WUR students.

(Old Board) We are all excited about our secondhand WEP board jackets. Now you know how to spot us!
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