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On this page you can read about some student initiatives for sustainability. WEP encourages students to work on sustainability-related initiatives and to contact WEP is they would like to have some help or guidance of any form. You are always free to ask our input. WEP functions as a platform for students interested in sustainability and we are happy to hear from you.
Below are some examples of initiatives students have taken in Wageningen. Most of them are initiated through the WUR course “Empowerment for Sustainability”, which is given by Valentina Tassone in period 4. Within this course students have the opportunity to create their own sustainability-related project and they will be guided in doing this.

Reduce Usage of Plastic Bags

Ellen Janssen wanted to reduce the use of plastic bags by offering a free sustainable cotton/bamboo bag. The bags are printed on both sides; on one side an inspiring image symbolising the interconnection between human and nature and on the other side there was an advertisement of Wageningse Weelde.
WEP contributed in the form of financial support and by providing Eco-maps to spread along with the bags. The Eco-map of WEP is a map of Wageningen showing all the sustainable shops, cafés and services in Wageningen.

Vegan Cookbook

Eveline Delnooz, a firm believer of the vegan lifestyle, has made her own cookbook. Eveline has run a successful take-away service named Eveline Cooks, in which she prepares vegan meals and sells them from her student room. She put some of her favourite vegan recipes together in this little cookbook so you can learn how to make them yourself at home. The cookbooks are currently still being sold in shops throughout Wageningen (stated on November, 2015).

Eveline Cooks cookbook 418px

Workshop Imagine Sustainability

Sander de Kraker organised a workshop called ‘Create your own sustainability concept, and share it with others’. Every change starts with a spark, an idea of how things could be better. One might think sustainability is an obvious concept, but it is not that easy to express. This workshop helps people to develop a clear picture of what sustainability actually means to them. It aims to get to the core of your view and leave with better ability to reflect on it. Special attention will be given on how to express ideas. In the workshop you will share stories with other people. Inspire and be inspired!

Bag Box for Secondhand Plastic Bags

Bjorn van As started a pilot bag box in the Albert Heijn in Wageningen in January 2013. It’s a pilot project to see if the idea to re-use plastic bags catches on. Everybody knows the pile of plastic bags back home from which sometimes one or two are used. Now it’s possible to bring these bags back into circulation and to reduce the amount of wasted plastic bags. The plastic bags can be deposited in the bag box in the Albert Heijn, so others can re-use it which will increase the effective lifetime of the bags.

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