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Secondhand Bookshop

Are you looking for study books for your new courses?, Do you have study books that you do not use anymore?, Do you need help selling your books?…

WEP has a secondhand bookstore. We accept and sell studybooks used at the WUR, languages books used for courses at Into Languages at the WUR.

There is even a corner for 1€ books. They are not study books but old books of miscellaneous topics. But they will donated at the end of the year to make place for new study books. So if you are interested in those, hurry up!

For more detailed information about the secondhand bookshop, go here.

Veggie and Fruit Bag

Do you know that you can get fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables, and fruits every week right on campus?

WEP collaborates with the Tuinderij De Stroom, an organic farm situated in Hemmen, to bring you a variety of vegetables and fruits every week.

There are different types of veggie or fruit bags to subscribe, you can read all about them here.

PMD bags

In collaboration with the municipality of Wageningen, WEP offers a PMD bag service. All apartment residents can come to our office and get PMD bags for free.
PMD bags are used to recycle plastic and metal packaging and drink cartons.
Feel free to drop by our office to pick up some bag rolls.

Student Initiatives

WEP encourages students to work on sustainability-related initiatives and to contact us if they would like to have some help or guidance of any form. You are always free to ask our input.

Below are some examples of initiatives students have taken in Wageningen. Most of them are initiated through the WUR course “Empowerment for Sustainability”, which is given by Valentina Tassone in period 4. Within this course students have the opportunity to create their own sustainability-related project and they will be guided in doing this.

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