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The board is made up of six enthousiasts persons.

Chairholder – Leonie
Hello, I am Leonie and I am the new chair of WEP! You might know me from organizing the vegan activism on campus and in the city centre. I am currently doing my masters in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. I became very interested in sustainability when I started studying in Wageningen. I joined the activities of Wageningen Environmental Platform and really liked them. I would like more people to know about our activities and our services such as the book shop and veggie bags! Some fun facts about me: I only buy my clothes second-hand, I am vegan and I live almost zero waste.

Event Coordinator – Stella
Hello! I’m Stella, the new Event Coordinator of WEP. I am currently doing my bachelors in forest and nature conservation
and I am deeply concerned about climate change and the future of our environment. That’s why I joined WEP; to contribute to sustainable solutions for our future. WEP is the perfect platform to create awareness through events and activities which I’m looking forward to organize, hope to see you at one of our events in the future! 😉
I love to climb and I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue! I am also a vegetarian who eats insects ( when sustainable!) 🙃

Treasurer & Secondhand bookshop Manager – Christelle
Hello, my name is Christelle and I am the Secondhand Bookshop Manager and Treasurer of WEP. I will soon start my Master in Nutrition & Health after I finish my Biology Bachelor. I am really excited about expanding the secondhand bookshop! I have been interested in sustainability for a long time which is the reason why I came to study in Wageningen. I hope that with the WEP activities we can raise awareness about sustainability and learn more about it together. I am looking forward to seeing you all during the office hours or the activities!

Veggie Bag Service Manager – Valeska
Hello! I’m Valeska, the new Service Manager of WEP – I’m behind the emails you get if you subscribed for the veggie bags we offer (from a local organic farm). I joined WEP because I’m very passionate about making a change towards a greener lifestyle from the individual’s point of view. I think raising awareness is important and everyone can contribute in their own way to become a little more sustainable every day. 🙂 I subscribed to the veggiebags last year myself and it’s fun to now be “behind the scenes” and see how it all works and is organized.
Fun fact: I wash my laundry with “washnuts”, but heard that you can also use chestnuts, so I’m going to try that out now that autumn is coming!

Secretary – Nynke
Hi everyone! My name is Nynke and I’m the new secretary for WEP. I’m currently in the second year of my Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences. I joined WEP because I’m very passionate about the environment and sustainability. What I especially liked about WEP is the connection with students, besides creating awareness about sustainability it’s also a lot of fun to socialize with everyone. I believe organizations like WEP can have a significant impact on the way we perceive and deal with environmental issues like climate change, so I’m really excited to be part of that. Personally, I try to minimize my environmental impact by not eating meat, a minimum amount of dairy and preferably not flying to my holiday destination. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you in the office or at one of our activities 😊

PR – Ninja
Hey there, my name is Niranjana but everyone calls me Ninja! I am the new promotion manager of WEP and I’m in my second year and doing my bachelors in Environmental Science. I joined WEP because I believe it is a great platform to bring an ease to the sustainable student lifestyles that we all want and need! I hope that soon everyone can be a part of WEP in some form or the other! I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years and only buy secondhand or slow fashion.
Fun facts about me: I’m a yoga teacher and absolutely love it! 
Look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events! 🙃

We are all excited about our secondhand WEP board jackets. Now you know how to spot us!
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