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Disclaimer: The veggie bag service has been put on hold for this academic year due to COVID-19. There are still other pickup points around the city though, which you can find here:

How does it work?

Subscribe to a veggie or a fruit bag and receive a fresh and varied package every week.

WEP distributes veggie bags and fruit bags with fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables, and fruits from Tuinderij De Stroom, an organic farm situated in Hemmen.

The bags are delivered at our office on Tuesday morning and can be picked up during lunch breaks (12:30-13:45) on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in room 239 in Forum building (Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen).

There are different types of veggie or fruit bags to subscribe, you can read all about them below.

Inside a veggie bag…

A veggie bag contains 5 different vegetables. The types of vegetables depend on the season. Some vegetables can also come from Ekoboerderij De Lingehof, also in Hemmen.

For each vegetable you will receive about 3 ounce of each per person. This will be different for one piece vegetables, such as lettuce.

Two persons’ veggie bags contain bigger lettuces, and a house bag will for example contain two lettuces.

Inside a fruit bag…

A fruit bag contains four to five different types of fruit. All the fruit will preferably come from the region, like apples, pear, plums, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, etc. During winter these will be supplemented with fruit from Europe like oranges, tangerines, kiwis or bananas.

The contents of a small bag will be quite enough for one person who regularly eats fruit (at least two pieces a day).

House bags contain twice as much fruit, enough for 2-3 people.

Inside a combi bag…

A combi bag is a combination of veggies and fruits.

It’s ideal for the people that want to have a nice mixture of both but in small amounts, perhaps people living in self-contained rooms or if you are not a regular veggie/fruit consumer.

It contains 3 kinds of veggies and 3 kinds of fruits for one person.

Select your veggie or fruit bag and subscribe...

1 person Veggie Bag
1 small lettuce, 1 small leek, 1 sweetcorn, 3 oz. broccoli, 3 oz. beans
2 persons' Veggie Bag
1 lettuce, 1 pak choy, 2 sweetcorn cobs, 6 oz. broccoli, 6 oz. beans
House Veggie Bag
2 lettuces, 2 pak choys, 3 sweetcorn cobs, 9 oz. broccoli, 9 oz. beans
Small Fruit Bag
3 oz. apples, 3 oz. pears, 3 oz. prunes, 1 small melon, 3 oz. oranges
House Fruit Bag
6 oz. apples, 6 oz. pears, 6 oz. prunes, 1 melon, 6 oz. oranges
Combi Bag
1 lettuce, 1 sweetcorn, 3 oz. broccoli, 3 oz. apples, 3 oz. pears, 3 oz. grapes

* The vegetables and fruits listed above are an indication of what you can find inside a Veggie or a Fruit Bag. The selection is different every week. You can always visit the website of the farm to know what is inside the bags of the week.

How to pay?

At the end of each month you will receive an e-mail with how much you need to pay Tuinderij De Stroom. Payment will occur by Direct Debit made by the farm (after given authorization) or Online Transfer to the farm.

It’s possible to suspend your Veggie or Fruit Bag Service for one week or more (e.g. when you’re on holidays). Please, let us know in advance by mailing Any changes you want to make must be sent in before Thursday at 17:00 prior to the Tuesday delivery you want to change.

Tuinderij De Stroom

Tuinderij De Stroom is an organic farm that cultivates a large variety of vegetables on their ranch of 4 hectares. They grow a variety of about 40 different vegetables so they can vary the veggie bag’s contents.

They also collaborate with other farms in the region, in The Netherlands, and other countries to ensure a good variety of fruit and vegetables.


You can unsubscribe from the service at anytime by sending us an e-mail ( Make sure to do this Thursday before 17:00 if you don’t want a veggie bag next week.

Of course, you can also suspend for just one week or more if you are unable to pick up your veggie bag temporarily (e.g. when you’re on holidays). Just send us an email one week in advance, before 17:00 on Thursday to adjust the delivery of your veggie/fruit bag.

Fruit and Veggie Bag subscription

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