Secondhand Bookshop

At WEP’s secondhand bookshop you can buy and sell study books. All students can do this, you don’t need to be a member of WEP. An extensive stock of used books can be found there.

If you are looking for a certain book/reader, come and take a look in the bookshop or see the list of available books/readers online: 


180124 Bookshop database WEB


If you want to sell your study books, you have to bring them to the bookshop. There you’ll have to fill in a from: details about the book; your contact details including your bank account number; and you get to name your price. WEP has a margin of 1 euro, which adds up to your price. For example, if you write down 20 euros, we sell it for 21 euros. When the book is sold, we transfer your original price of 20 euro to your bank account.
The secondhand bookshop is located in our office in room 239 in Forum building (Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen) and open during lunch breaks (12:30-13:20) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Please note: you can only pay in cash!




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