Other services

Next to our main services, the secondhand bookshop and the vegetable bag service of De Stroom, you can find some other nice services in the Sustainability Office.

Local, organic potatoes for sale

In our office you can find local, organic potatoes for sale! These are potatoes that, because of their shape and/or size, aren’t suitable for regular sales. You can get a bag of 1 kg for 50 ct only! Student organisation Humble Harvest collects them from local farms and returns the money to the farmers.

Humble Harvest and WEP try to make sure there are enough potatoes available for everyone who’s interested, but unfortunately this is not always the case. We hope you understand!


Wageningen Eco Map

Back in 2011 some volunteers of WEP established the Wageningen EcoMap, which is a map with local businesses and initiatives that are good for the world: their products are organic, local and/or fair trade, they have social benefits or opportunities to learn. The map is a bit old, but lots of it it still relevant! We still have them, so please come and pick one up! (We noticed number 10 and 34 on the map don’t exist anymore, so you can cross those.)


Free book exchange bookcase

Next to the study books we have for sale, we also have a special bookcase filled with novels and other books to be picked up for free! You can take whichever book you like and put your own books there for others to read.

Promotion of green initiatives

We have space available for green organisations and initiatives to put flyers and leaflets. We have a vast amount of interesting promotion material in stock so be sure to check it out! The flyer wall is located next to the door.

Sustainable office supplies from aGreenStory

Get your sustainable office supplies via the webshop aGreenStory and get them delivered for free at the WURshop! aGreenStory sells many different items that are sustainable for different reasons: they can be biodigredable, CO2 neutral, fairtrade, refillable, recycled, made with sustainable energy or sustainable forestry, toxic free, made in Europe or they save water. Pay attention to the colourful logos to learn more!
In order for you to get free shipping costs and pick up your aGreenstory products at a pickup-point, like the WURshop, you should do the following: After placing your order and checking out, ¬†fill in your billing details. Then uncheck “ship to a different adress”. After unchecking you can fill in the specific pickup location at “Order Notes”: in this case WUR. Do not forget this step. Now, when you scroll down you can double check if indeed the shipping is free.


If you have any questions regarding aGreenStory products at the WUR feel free to contact Jerry by emailing jerry.gumbs@wur.nl.

Thank you!