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Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) is a platform for students with a pro-active stance on sustainability. WEP aims to motivate and inspire students to ‘green’ their behaviour and lifestyle and does so by organizing events like excursions and lectures and by promoting local initiatives.

Occasionally, WEP organizes environmental awareness campaigns at Wageningen University. We also use our Facebook page to promote initiatives by other organizations, which are mainly other local student organizations but also all other things we find important or for other reasons good to share to the green community of Wageningen. If you have suggestions or requests regarding our promotion, we are interested to hear them.

We also like to collaborate with other like-minded (student) organizations or individuals in more extensive ways, by organizing activities together, for example with Green Office Wageningen, RUW and ISOW. We believe such collaborations are very fruitful. If you and your organization are up for teaming up, don’t hesitate to contact us!


WEP is a platform, meaning that it aspires to be an interactive organization where enthusiastic students can play an active role in setting up projects and activities. Students with fresh ideas can knock on our door when looking for support in terms of promotion, helping hands, financial support or just to brainstorm. WEP aims to connect sustainably minded people and encourages them to set up projects in independent working groups. Therefore, you can always drop by at our office!

WEP is managed by a part-time student board, which is being replaced by a new board each summer. The current board, of academic year 2017-2018 is a sustainably committed international mix integrated by Ambar, Britt, Anna-Lisa, Jori and Eduardo.


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