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Wageningen counts plenty of green-minded (student) organisations welcoming students to get involved. To make it easier for you to find the organisations you’d like, here we give an overview of the organisations alongside with short descriptions of their specific aims and practices. You are invited to visit these organisations’ websites and to send them messages!


Ever since 1970, Stichting Boerengroep (Farmers Foundation) aims to connect the university (students, research, education) with the reality and challenges of farmers and peasants (-movements) in the Netherlands and worldwide in order to shed a critical light on the worldwide food production chain. “The education at the university (WUR) was very theoretical and moreover it often gave a wrong impression of the reality of farmers.” – Jan Douwe van der Ploeg, one of the founders of the Boerengroep. We organize lectures, debates, excursions and symposia, work together with chairgroups like FSE, SDC and RSO, organisations like Toekomstboeren and (international) farmer movements and we are the proud organizers of the Farm Experience Internship (FEI): a summer course on agroecology in practice. Feel free to join our team! / Facebook: Boerengroep Wageningen

Circular Economy Wageningen

Our mission is to make Wageningen University a national centre for circular economy.
We pursue our mission by working on two main goals.

1. Connect: We are reaching out to companies, researcher and students that are engaged in circular economy to establish a platform where companies, students and researcher can collaboratively address topics within the field of circular economy.

2. Educate: We advocate for focus on circular economy in current courses and we develop a ‘hands on’-course on circular economy.

Facebook: Circular Economy Wageningen

Creative Community Garden

 Come join us! We are the Creative Community Garden of Wageningen. What do we do? We have fun gardening, planning, designing, eating potluck lunches, cooking, building community and  building structures in the garden. We have been around since 2014 and we are located south of the Hog Born, very close to the University. The vision is to facilitate an inclusive teaching and learning space with a focus on enjoying the garden and experimenting with urban agriculture over the next 15 years. / Facebook: Creative Garden Wageningen


DWARS is a political youth organisation affiliated with GroenLinks. GroenLinks is a left wing party and considers environmental issues a priority. Department DWARS Wageningen aims to inform and discuss about (local) political issues. We organise activities and campaigns about these issues for every student to participate in. International students can like our Facebook page to keep posted on all activities. Are you a Dutch enthusiastic student with an interest for politics or political issues? Come join us and contact us via our website! / Facebook: DWARS Wageningen

Food Sharing Wageningen

Between 1.4 and 2.5 billion tonnes of food are wasted annually in the Netherlands. Due to strict regulations, supermarkets often have to throw out food that is in fact still perfect for consumption. By building up cooperations with various grocery stores we save good food from ending in the trash and try to reduce such unnecessary waste. We organize other fun activities as well, always with the goal of saving food and sharing our philosophy.

Facebook: Foodsharing Wageningen en omgeving

Fossil Free Wageningen

FossilFree Wageningen is part of the global movement calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies. 80% of our current known oil, coal and gas reserves need to remain untouched to prevent unhospitable global temperature rises. Our goal is for Wageningen UR to DIVEST. Indirectly they invest in the fossil fuel industry through their banks and pension fund ABP. These relationships need to be questioned, morally, ethically and socially if our common vision truly is for a sustainable development. We lobby, organize information sessions and creative actions. Join our movement if you share our vision.

Facebook: FossilFree Wageningen

Green Office Wageningen

We are the green heart of Wageningen UR. We make it an inspiring and 100% sustainable place to work and study. We strive to give all students and employees access to sustainable options in their workplace. We encourage them to do choices that benefit their wellbeing and the future of the planet. We are well informed about all aspects of sustainability, we listen well to everybody and act firmly but in a respectful manner. We are the Green Office of Wageningen UR. / Facebook: Green Office Wageningen


A world without fossil resources.
No phones (plastics). No guitar strings (nylon). No red summer dress (polyester).

We inspire students to work on the solution: a biobased economy. When all products from energy, food, materials to chemicals are derived from non-food biomass our lifestyle can persist.

The International BioBased Economy Student SymbioSUM (IBBESS) – a Conference plus ThinkTank on the biobased economy – helps you built your network to experts in high profile companies, academia and politics with potential job opportunities awaiting you.

Facebook: IBBESS


OtherWise aims to connect  science and society by facilitating learning experiences in the fields of agro-ecology and the right to a liveable environment. By giving a voice to grassroots organisations and supporting alternative ways of thinking, we aim to democratise knowledge and empower people to move to a more environmentally and socially just world. / Facebook: OtherWise Wageningen



Platform Sustainable Wageningen organizes, supports and coordinates sustainability initiatives in Wageningen. We organize presentations, workshops and debates on special themes, undertake special campaigns and make all local sustainability activities known to a broader audience on our website, a monthly newsletter and other social media. We support Wageningen Municipality to become climate neutral in 2030, and evaluate every 4 years the sustainability policies and efforts of the Municipality, give recommendations for improvement and organize a political “sustainability debate” prior to municipal elections.




The RUW foundation is short for the RUral Wageningen foundation and focusses on a broad range of green topics. RUW aims to give students the chance to broaden or deepen their knowledge of themes that are in the scope of WUR. We do this by organizing lectures, debates, excursions and workshops about themes like, food production and consumption, urban-rural relations, sustainability and resource management etc. Learn more about us at Join the discussion! / Facebook: Stichting RUW


S&I is the Student Council Party for Sustainability and Internationalisation, active in the Student Council and WUR-Council of Wageningen UR where they represent the interests of all students. They are also working on issues like education quality, transparency, equality and dynamic student life.

Facebook: S&I Student Council Party


Wageningen Student Farm is a platform for students passionate about sustainable agriculture. Our goal is to offer a place for students to bring their knowledge of organic farming and biobased-production into practice. Since we started in 2016 we have been growing vegetables and herbs, we have experimented with growing mushrooms and projects have started. Examples of things that members have done in projects are beer brewing, building a greenhouse and experimenting with food fermentation. Most importantly, we have become a community with a very friendly and gezellige atmosphere.

Facebook: Wageningen Student Farm


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