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Throughout the year activities are organized like clothing sWEP and documentary nights. Next to that there are also themed weeks like ‘No Waste Week’ about plastic consumption. Check what is on our agenda via Facebook events or stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter (bottom of the page).

Past events:

Clothes Swap @ THUIS

We are happy to had another successful clothes swap this time in cooperation with THUIS! We could collect clothes before hand and many of them changed to happy new owners. Everything which was left over was donated to the refugees and earned money was donated to the CleanClothCampaign!



WEPtalks: Sustainable Energy Initiatives on May 25

Are you wondering what you can do to help the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables? Come and enter into discussion with these young and enterprising people that decided to make a change!

We welcome energy collective De Windvogel and Van de Bron which sells energy straight from the source.


Green Action Café

GAC poster


Spring Clothes Swap and Hand-Made Sale on April 3

Spring clothing swap

It is spring time, it is time to refresh your wardrobe! WEP and Green Office Wageningen will join force to organise the Clothes Swap again on April 3 at THUIS. Join our swap to exchange clothes that you did not wear anymore for something that will make you smile! And while searching for your perfect outfit, this time have a look at hand-made accessories created by WUR students and employees.

Green Ideas Café on March 17


WEP in collaboration with the Green Active network presents: The Green Ideas Café! Everyone is welcome to participate in this event where we will brainstorm together on different topics related to greening the university and/or the city. Come to Green Ideas Café to enjoy a nice potluck dinner (we’ll provide pumpkin soup, bread and hummus!), meet and mingle with all green organisations in Wageningen and work out great ideas!

Find the event on Facebook.

Find an overview/minutes of the evening here in Google Docs.



PINK! Theme tour: Bees! on March 9


Do you want to learn about the importance of bees? On Wednesday March 9 there will be a theme evening about bees and their relation to biodiversity! More information is still to be announced, but we will show part of the documentary One Single Planet! Watch the trailer here.

PINK!, the youth organisation of Partij voor de Dieren (Dutch policital party ‘Party For The Animals’), organized a ‘theme tour’: a series of lectures on topics related to the environment, nature and sustainability. WEP is supporting PINK! with organizing such a lecture in Wageningen.


WEPtalks V on February 24


Sustainability can be more than a lifestyle; it can form the basis of new initiatives and business projects. After the first four successful editions of WEPtalks, the 5th edition is on its way!

WEPtalks is based on the well-known TEDtalk format, with short, powerful talks to share ideas. Young entrepreneurs present their creative initiatives, covering a wide range of topics – from green architecture to circular economies or living without waste – to inspire and motivate you to put your own ideas into action.

This time we welcomed Arnold van Huis, world expert on edible insects, and Pepijn Vloermans, who knows all the ins and outs of electric cars and especially how and where to charge them!


Student Cooking Corner with Humble Harvest

We wanted to give an example of a delicious dish made from local, seasonal veggies! Therefore, Humble Harvest (HH) and WEP together made a vegetable roast out of saved potatoes and pumpkins HH collected combined with other vegetables from De Stroom, the farm providing us the veggie bags.

The vegetables were roasted in the oven. To do this, you basically have to cut all vegetables in small pieces, cover with oil and keep in a warm oven for some time until it’s done. The time needed can vary per type of vegetable, but this can be around 1/2 – 1 hour on 180-200 °C. Add herbs and spices if you wish! Like salt, garlic, thyme and rosemary.



WEP organised two activities as part of Green Office’s Warm Sweater Week (WSW):

Free hugs from a polar bear as part of WSW

Are you feeling warm today? Hug a polar bear! During lunch time in Forum.


The polar bear was provided by Greenpeace NL.

Ugly Sweaters and personal Mugs for Hot Chocolate as part of WSW

Wear an ugly sweater and bring your own mug to our office to receive free vegan hot chocolate! You’ll surely be warm. Hot chocolate was from the brand Oatly (for sale at supermarkets like Albert Heijn and organic stores) and it’s delicious.



This Changes Everything screening



The famous movie is finally coming to Wageningen!

Right after the climate talks in Paris, S&I, WEP and Fossil Free will screen “This Changes Everything”.

Inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction best-seller This Changes Everything, the film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana’s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond. Interwoven with these stories of struggle is Klein’s narration, connecting the carbon in the air with the economic system that put it there. Throughout the film, Klein builds to her most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.


WEPtalks IV


Sustainability can be more than a lifestyle; it can form the basis of new initiatives and business projects. After the first three successful editions of WEPtalks, the 4th edition took place on the evening of November 11.

WEPtalks is based on the well-known TED-talk format, with short, powerful talks to share ideas. Young entrepreneurs present their creative initiatives, covering a wide range of topics – from green architecture to circular economies or living without waste – to inspire and motivate you to put your own ideas into action.

This edition Sander van Deden presented his research on growing plants without (the) earth, Michiel van Wickeren talked about the sharing economy and his initiative DeDeelkelder and Erik Groen told us about the development of local money in Wageningen: the Eurijn.


Farm Excursion to Tuinderij De Stroom

Are you curious to see the magical place where the vegetables and fruits of the veggie bags live before they get to Forum? You are not the only one! On Saturday the 17th of October we had an excursion to the organic farm that grows and delivers them!

We cycled together to the organic farm ‘De Stroom’ in Hemmen; we had to cross the Rhine with the ferry. We were welcomed by the farmers who gave us a tour through the farm and apple chard. We got to see where and how the fruits and vegetables from the fruit and veggie bags grow. After the guided tour we enjoyed some apple juice provided by the farm and some cupcakes and other fruits we brought.

The trip was a succes! A group of students with over 10 nationalities joined, the weather was good and the faces shiny. 🙂



Autumn Clothing Swap


In October we had a clothing swap, in which we welcomed you to bring the clothing you’re not wearing and exchange it for second hand clothes you like better. This way you can go home with a new outfit without new clothes having to be produced! Two workshops were held as well: ‘Re-purpose your boyfriend’s t-shirt’ workshop & ‘Create your own style passport’.
The swap was a great succes! The athmosphere was really good, many people came to have a look up and lots of clothes were being swapped. We saw many happy faces!
The clothing swap was part of Eerlijk Winkelen Week/Fair Shopping Week in Wageningen, took place in Heerenstraat Theater & Café Loburg and was organized in collaboration with Green Office Wageningen, Mini Culture, Darpdecade & Natalia Westermann.

kledingswap-21 550


Crazy88 in AID

During the Crazy88 we gave AID families the opportunity to show their dedication to the environment by posing with this artwork. The pictures we made were uploaded onto our Facebook page.

AID 15 550px



WEPtalks III

WEPtalks 3 speaker teaser II

The third night of our WEPtalks series! A series where young, enthusiastic and ambitious people will share their project, philosophy or ideas with you in a pitch of 15 minutes. Every evening, 3 speakers with different background will be invited to inspire you with their perspective how to deal with environmental issues, whether it is from a scientist, architect or designer’s point of view.

Our speakers were Emily-Jane Lowe-Townley (living without waste), Anna Kotova (from Metabolic, advising about sustainable urban development and circular economy), and Jolien van Delft (one of the designers of Designer of the Unusual, about furniture made out of fungi).


Board Interest Barbecue

15 mei BBQ


Edible herbs walk + cooking at ecovillage Ppauw


We went to Binnenveld to learn about edible herbs and to collect them. Afterwards, we took the food to ecovillage Ppauw to prepare it and enjoy a nice dinner.



Seed Bomb workshop


We bombed Wageningen with balls of seeds, to support bees and butterflies and to make the city more colourful! The seeds were the organic Tübinger mixture of De Bolster, as recommended by Greenpeace NL.


We want to thank our three very interesting speakers! Cees Buisman, professor at Wageningen UR spoke about the importance of innovations and technologies to face the problems of today and to make them opportunities for tomorrow. Tessa Florence Duste, and Nina Sickenga, co-founders of RoofLife, talked about how we can turn urbanisation into new possibilities by using all the roofs more efficiently by means of for example solar panels and urban farming systems. Joris Arends, a young poet, entrepreneur and gardener, shared his philosophies about gardening and spirituality

Our thanks also goes out to Louise Vet, who hosted the night very well!

Food Battle


Keep a diary to measure your food waste and receive practical tips to improve your buying, cooking and storing at home. Compare your results to other participants and see how well you score! Wageningen municipality and WUR participated in March!
For more information:


Movie night: Sweatshop, deadly fashion

Sweatshop is a Norwegian reality about the hard truth of unsafe working conditions and unfair wages in the clothign industry. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas are indulged in the tough reality of working in a sweatshop in Cambodia.

Clothes Swap: Cute Clothes & Cosy Coffee


On the occasion of Duurzaam Lenteweekend (Sustainable Spring Weekend), there was a clothes swap event with an ongoing workshop about making accessories from plastic. With live music by the DJs from Mini Culture!
The swap was well-visited, and we collected 68 euro for the Clean Clothes Campaign!

WEP talks

Our WEPtalks are based on the well-known TED-talk format, with short, powerful talks to share ideas. Young entrepreneurs present their creative initiatives, covering a wide range of topics – from green architecture to circular economies or living without waste – to inspire and motivate you to put your own ideas into action! We thank Robert Kruijt, Michel Visser and Koen Kaljee for their passionate and insightful talks during our first WEPtalks event!


Entrepreneurship for Sustainability


On the 2nd of March, the Entrepreneurship for Sustainability programme was kicked-off in an interactive discussion evening on social entrepreneurship. Inspiring keynote speakers (Stefano Pascucci from Starthub Wageningen, Cécile van Oppen from Copper8, and the Urban Greeners) motivated the audience to think about the combination of entrepreneurship and sustainability.

This was be the official start of programme Entrepreneurship for Sustainability, during which participants received professional support to set up your own sustainable initiative!


Energy booster drink by Green Office and WEP

Green Office and Wageningen Environmental Platform thought it was time for a party! It was a nice energy booster for the new study period and a start of new collaborations. With green cocktails!

Beer brewing workshop

Matthijs Kolpa taught enthusiastic participants the basics of brewing!


Movie night: Two Raging Grannies

Two crazy old grandmas challenge the most powerful and rich people in the world. They question the common worldview that we need perpetual economic growth.
Afterwards everybody stayed to discuss the topics of the movie; “Why do we need economic growth?” and “How can we change our system before we hit the cliff?”



Workshop: Have a look in the mirror of Nature
During this workshop, Jan Diek van Mansvelt (cofounder of Louis Bolk institute and emeritus professor Organic Agriculture at WUR) showed us how the development of plants and flowers can be philosophically related to human development. Every plant has its own way of existing and this can provide insight in your own identity and behaviour.


November Plastic Month – Fantastic, reduce plastic!

November was completely in the theme of plastic waste. Green Office Wageningen (GOW), Stichting Ruraal Wageningen (RUW) and WEP organised activities to raise awareness about the plastic waste problem and this comes along with practical tips to reduce waste in your everyday life.

Some activities:

  • Movie nights (screening Waste Land and Plastic Paradise);
  • A lecture evening with Karin van de Stadt from Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (Institute for Sustainable Packaging), Karin Molenveld from the WUR Food & Biobased Research department, and Wim van Dijk from Bag&Buy (which is to be the first packaging-free shop in the Netherlands);
  • Workshops on reducing your plastic use (see below) and on upcycling plastic waste.


Workshop Reduce Plastic Use: DIY personal care products

On November 9th, WEP gave a workshop with practical tips on how to reduce the use of plastic in your daily life. One of these tips was to make your own cosmetics and put them in reusable glass jars, to avoid the frequent purchase of plastic-wrapped products. This aspect was worked out during the workshop. Another benefit of DIY personal care products is that their contents are less harmful for the environment. The enthusiastic participants learned how to make their own shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, scrub, bath bombs, toothpaste and lipbalm. Find the recipes here. Afterwards, all jars were nicely decorated!
Workshop 9 Nov


Excursion to Tuinderij De Stroom

On September 27th, we will get a nice tour around Tuinderij De Stroom in Hemmen, where the delicious fruits and veggies from our fruit and veggie bag service come from!
If you want to join the excursion, please e-mail us at We will assemble at 5 Mei Plein, in front of Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen, at 13.00. We will cycle  to the farm together.
Please make sure you take some cash with you, since we will take the ferry to the other side of the Rhine.
Excursion Tuinderij de Stroom


People’s Climate March Amsterdam

Fossil Free Wageningen assembled people in Wageningen to demonstrate in Amsterdam, during the People’s Climate March on September 21. WEP was also represented. The People’s Climate March intended to pressure world leaders to take substantial measures against climate change during the Climate Summit in NYC on September 23.
People's Climate March 21 sept 2014


Meet Us! GreenActive event

Are you interested in social, environmental or economic aspects of sustainability? Would you like to do or learn more about it? Join the GreenActive evening on Wednesday September 17th in the Spot (Orion) to meet like-minded people from 10 Wageningen organizations. We start at 18.00 with interactive presentations and there will be a dinner at 19.00. Everybody is welcome! Then we will get together to watch the new movie, “Disruption”, and have a discussion about what we can all do to fight climate change. Join us!

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