Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) is a student organization, a platform for students with a pro-active stance towards sustainability in their direct surroundings. We aim to stimulate students in greening their behaviour and lifestyle by organizing activities, like lectures and workshops and by promoting local initiatives. WEP offers support to students who come with ideas of their own and aims to connect students and sustainability-related initiatives within the community of Wageningen.

WEP manages a secondhand bookshop for study books for WUR courses and offers subscriptions to vegetable and fruit bags from local, organic farm De Stroom.


We are looking for five motivated people who would like to pick up the boards current tasks! You are free to design and organize events, talks, Clothswaps and whatever you like! Check out our poster to get an overview and please dont hesistate to contact us!

Vacancy: The Green Active Network is looking for a coordinator!



If you are interested in the full details of the vacancy, you can find the full vacancy here.


Re-Greening Weekend

Get to know the green people and initiatives in Wageningen and become part of the movement! On the 9th, 10th and 11th of September WEP is hosting, together with many Green Acitive Network partners, Wageningen’s first Re-Greening Weekend for (new) student that are interested in sustainability and several other green things happening in Wageningen and want to get involved.

During the Re-Greening weekend we will show you what kind of green organisations, places and initiatives Wageningen and surroundings has to offer for you and make the Green Active Network more approachable. The activities will mainly take pace during the afternoons and evenings and you will sleep at your own place.


What: Regreening Weekend
When: 9, 10, 11 September
Where: Wageningen
Price: 20 euro

There is a limited amount of 50 participants for this activity. 
Registration closes when this number is reached. 

June 26th – Edible Wild Plant Walk & Harvest Dinner at Eco-village Ppauw with RUW

Join RUW’s and WEP’s tour around Wageningen and learn all about the edible herbs growing in the wild! We will prepare them and have dinner at ecovillage Ppauw.

>>> please subscribe for this event below <<<

On Sunday 26th of June WEP and RUW are organizing an Edible Wild Plant Walk. The perfect ending of the academic year but also a great start of the holidays where many of us will finally have the time to roam outside the classrooms and explore the outdoors with all its fascinating plants. The walk will be guided by Dave and Heeltsje who will teach us everything about edible wild plants. After we have collected some tasty wild plants and flowers we will go the Eco-village Ppauw and prepare a nice meal together with the harvest.WEP-Edible herbs walk

Date & time: June 26th, 15:00

Costs:  €4,- in cash.

Location: You will receive an email with the exact location where we will gather, but we will probably start close to the Uiterwaarden. Please bring your bike so we can go to Eco-village Ppauw to prepare our harvest dinner!

Please subscribe by filling in the subscription form HERE 


Join the Green Active Network

The Green Active Network is a network for everyone interested in sustainability in Wageningen. Join the Facebook group to find each other and share events and ideas!

Green Active Network Wageningen group on Facebook


Local, organic potatoes for sale

Next to the vegetables and fruits from De Stroom, you can now also find local, organic potatoes in our office! These are potatoes that, because of their shape and/or size, aren’t suitable for regular sales. You can get a bag of 1 kg for 50 ct only! Humble Harvest collects them from local farms and returns the money to the farmers. These potatoes go perfectly with your veggie bag!


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