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Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) is an organization, a platform for everyone with a pro-active stance towards sustainability in their direct surroundings. We aim to stimulate students to be pro-active when it comes to sustainability by organizing activities, like lectures and workshops and by promoting local initiatives. WEP is also a big fan of collaborations! Whether you are a student, an organization or a company. We love collaborating with people who are passionate about bein pro-actively sustainable.

We currently have two services: a veggie bag service and a secondhand bookshop for studybooks. You can find more information on their respective page.

WEP is managed by a part-time student board, which is being replaced by a new board each summer. The current board, of academic year 2019-2020 is a sustainably committed international mix with Leonie, Nynke, Stella, Valeska, Niranjana and Christelle.

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