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WEP is looking for a new board!

Are you interested in a part-time board year related to sustainability? Wageningen Environmental Platform is a non-profit student organization that provides services and organizes events to make students at Wageningen University more sustainable. We provide a local organic veggie bag subscription and a second-hand bookshop where students buy and sell their study-books. Moreover, we organize events such as clothes swaps, sustainability book club, documentary nights, lunch lectures and DIY workshops. 

We have six available board positions for next academic year: 

  • Chair 
  • Secretary 
  • Treasurer & second-hand bookstore manager 
  • Promotion manager 
  • Service manager 
  • Event coordinator 

The chair will be hosting the board meetings and attend meetings with other parties such as the Green Active Network. The chair helps other board members in case of difficulties with their tasks or in case of any conflicts. The secretary manages the emails and takes notes during meetings. The secretary also makes the monthly newsletter. The treasurer is responsible for all the finances. In our board, the treasurer also managed the second-hand bookstore, which includes finances and organizing the bookstore. The promotion manager does the social media (Instagram and Facebook) as well as the website. Designs are made in the online programme Canva. The service manager is responsible for the veggie bags from local organic farm De Stroom. The event coordinator will coordinate the events such as documentary nights, clothes swaps, lectures, DIY events, cooking workshops, and many other activities. All these tasks are flexible, so we make sure that the workload is divided equally. For a part time board year at Wageningen Environmental Platform, you will get FOS (financial compensation for students). 

The board year will officially start after the summer holiday break, at the start of the new academic year.
The deadline for application is 20 May! Click here to apply.

Leonie, Nynke, Christelle, Ninja, Valeska and Stella, 
The board of Wageningen Environmental Platform 



Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) is an organization, a platform for everyone with a pro-active stance towards sustainability in their direct surroundings. We aim to stimulate students to be pro-active when it comes to sustainability by organizing activities, like lectures and workshops and by promoting local initiatives. WEP is also a big fan of collaborations! Whether you are a student, an organization or a company. We love collaborating with people who are passionate about being pro-actively sustainable.
We currently have three services: a veggie bag service, a secondhand bookshop for study books used at WUR and a PMD bag pick-up point.
WEP is managed by a part-time student board, which is being replaced by a new board each summer.
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Follow the green feet on the 2nd floor of Forum!
And they will lead you to the Sustainability Office (WEP shares the office with Green Office)!
Come by during our office hours Tue-Wed-Thurs 12:30-13:50 to pick up a veggie bag, buy/sell a book, get PMD bags or have a chat!
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